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Nintendo Classic Edition, hands-on: the Mini NES we always wanted

30 classic games in a little box, and it’s great.

by Scott Stein

Nintendo’s cute new mini NES — aka the NES Classic Edition — is really hard to find for its MSRP of $60. The tiny Nintendo Entertainment System is currently sold out in most games retailers, but you still may able to snag one… if you’re willing to pay more.

Here are your best bets, for now:

The mini NES is available in-store at GameStop. Call your local store to see if they have any in stock, since they go so quickly. Also, it’s only allowing one unit per customer. It still isn’t available on the site, though.Newegg has the Classic for $210, with free standard shipping.Marketplace sellers on Amazon have been posting units for sale, albeit with a markup. You may find your best deal on the NES Classic here, however. Check this link often, since third-party suppliers sell out and change price quickly. Shipping costs vary, depending on the seller.Walmart is selling units for around $160 and up through third-party sellers. Like with Amazon, shipping costs vary.Chunk Toys says it has consoles in stock, but for $200. The price seems to fluctuate around $50 to $100 every so often, so you may want to keep an eye on this one. Also, it looks like they offer free shipping.Player’s Choice has the original NES Classic Edition priced at around $190, plus around $5 for shipping.The NES Classic Edition can be found on eBay if you can’t find it anywhere else. Be warned, though: As on Amazon — and just about everywhere else — people are charging way above the original price of $60.The Nintendo Store in New York restocks the new NES at its original price every now and then. Keep an eye on its Twitter and Facebook feeds to get the latest info.Target says to check with their local stores, as the console will not be sold online.Toys R Us says to visit local store, too. On its site it states, “Our stores are expecting new shipments, and this item will soon be on the shelves in a Toys R Us near you, while supplies last. Please visit your local store!”
Track an NES Classic

If calling your local stores over and over again just isn’t your thing, there are a few inventory trackers out there you can use. These trackers, like BrickSeek and NowInStock, let you see which brick and mortar stores are getting the NES in stock. You can also sign up for email, text or browser alerts so — hopefully — you won’t miss the next restock. The sites may or may not be 100 percent accurate, so you may want to use a few different sites to find your Classic.

Where to buy accessories

While the consoles are hard to get right now at a reasonable price, you can stock up on controllers, carrying cases and cord extensions. Best Buy also has an extension cable in some stores and Walmart has a super cute carrying case as well as controllers. GameStop also has various accessories online.

Latest update, January 30: If you run out of places to look — or it’s just too expensive — don’t give up hope. We’ll keep updating this article as new supplies pop up.

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